Teaching Tools Additional Content

The following material additional resources related to the Faculty Center for Innovation's (FCI) "Teaching Tools" webpage, to support faculty teaching and student learning.

Teaching with Technology

  • Sept. 20 and 28, 2017 PowerPoint link
  • Oct. 26 and Nov. 8, 2017 PowerPoint link
  • Nov. 30, 2017 PowerPoint link
  • Feb. 8, 2018 PowerPoint link
  • Mar. 22, 2018 PowerPoint link
  • Reimagining the Role of Technology in Higher Education: Higher Education Supplement to the National Education Technology Plan link
  • What is the SAMR Model? (4 minute video) link
  • How to Apply the SAMR Model, with Creator Ruben Puentedura (6 minute video) link
  • Apr. 26, 2018 PowerPoint link

(Material from Judi Estes' Special Interest Group, "Tech Time in the Classroom & for the Work Place")


(Material from Erica Jansen's Special Interest Group, "Active Learning with Pirate Patch")

Leveraging Your Learning Environment

(Material from Debra Olson-Morrison's Special Interest Group, "Universal Design of Instruction")


  • August 21 PowerPoint link
  • September 11 PowerPoint link
  • Debbie Olson-Morrison's Active Learning Strategies PowerPoint link
  • Brant Winn's Active Learning Strategies PowerPoint link
  • January 22 Prezi link
  • Park University Nursing and Social Work Inter-Professional Simulation Exemplar: November 2018 video
  • February 12 PowerPoint link
  • Debriefing Worksheet pdf
  • March 26 PowerPoint link
  • April 23 PowerPoint link

(Material from Tami Radohl's Special Interest Group, "Simulated & Active Learning Strategies")


  • October 17 PowerPoint link
  • Finding Your ACE Score handout
  • Resiliency questionnaire
  • Wellness Triangle image
  • November 14 PowerPoint link
  • Wellness Self-Care Assessment pdf
  • Wellness Triangle image
  • My Old Story pdf
  • November 28 PowerPoint link
  • January 23 PowerPoint link
  • Imagine Project Adult Journal pdf
  • March 20 PowerPoint link
  • April 3 PowerPoint link

(Material from Brant Winn's Special Interest Group, "Trauma & Resilience")

Student-Centered, Higher Ordered Teaching Tips

(Material from Katelyn Handler's Special Interest Group, "Learner-Centered Pedagogy")
  • Sept. 7 Prezi link
  • Few tips for teaching for transfer from Education Week video
  • Oct. 16 PowerPoint link
  • Oct. 16 handout
  • Nov. 16 PowerPoint link
  • Feb. 6 PowerPoint link
  • Feb. 6 handout
  • Mar. 6 PowerPoint link
  • Apr. 3 PowerPoint link
(Material from Glenn Lester's Special Interest Group, "Teaching for Transfer")
(Material from Kathy Jackson's Special Interest Group, "Shift Happens: Integrating Growth Mindset into Courses and Students")

Classroom and Student Assessment

(Material from Adam Potthast's Special Interest Group, "Asking Better Questions")
  • Make it Stick Cumulative Info through November 7 SIG document
  • Make it Stick Hear from Park's Online Experts February 6 SIG document
(Material from Linda Bells's Special Interest Group, "Make it Stick")

Student Learning and Philanthropy

(Material from Don Wise, Laurie DiPadova-Stock, Zac Jarrard, and Dr. Michael Call's "The Pedagogy of Community Engaged" Workshop)

Fall 2019 Instructor Workshop Series

Fall I Workshop: Creating a Midterm Survey

Fall I Instructor Workshop Series Video

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already nearing the halfway point of Fall I! How is your course going? How are your students responding?

To help optimize your Fall I class, the Faculty Center of Innovation is offering an hour long workshop to create a midterm survey in your Canvas course. A midterm survey is an informal way to gather student feedback during the semester. Whether you teach face-to-face, blended, Pirate Patch, or online, midterm surveys can help you to improve student learning and engage students in the learning process.

During this hands-on workshop, we will discuss the goals of your midterm survey, develop questions to achieve those goals, set up an anonymous survey within your course, and discuss feedback evaluation and implementation.

This workshop is part of a year-long series to bring practical, pedagogical information and an opportunity to collaborate to our adjunct faculty. To make this series as helpful as possible, we want to hear from YOU! So, our next workshop (October 7th @ 7:30pm CST) will serve as a forum to share ideas and suggestions for our first Virtual Academic Conference, coming in March. What topics and activities would most help you in your teaching? We want to know!

Fall I Workshop Tutorials and Handouts

Creating a Midterm Video Tutorial