Validated Learning Experience

The Validated Learning Experience (VLE) is a process where students may be awarded credit for educational experiences based on documentation submitted by the student. The VLE process may take up to six months to fully process. All efforts are made to expedite the procedure.

All communications regarding the VLE will be sent to the student's Park University email account. Such communications may include the acceptance/denial of credit or fees dues notices.

Applications must be filed prior to taking the final 15 semester hours preceding the intended graduation at Park University and may be submitted no more than once per course.

Credit shall be awarded on a course equivalency basis based on courses commonly offered by accredited colleges and universities.

A maximum of 24 semester hours may be petitioned for credit.

Course Information

A list of courses students are not permitted to petition for VLE.

(.pdf, 55K)


Application must be submitted along with application fee before it is processed.  Please save as a PDF document after signing.

For questions and concerns,  please contact your student success coach.

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