* We expect ACCOUNTABILITY for our actions at all levels, to each other and to Park University.
* We treat all with CIVILITY and RESPECT while being open and honest in our communication.
* We seek EXCELLENCE in all we do, with passionate learning as our highest priority.
* We celebrate GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP through our connected learning and working environment, as well as community stewardship.
* We embrace INCLUSIVITY that fosters, diversity, teamwork and collaboration.
* We act with INTEGRITY though honesty,  efficiency and reliability.
   Park University, a pioneering institution of higher learning since 1875, will provide leadership in quality, innovative education for a diversity of learners who will excel in their professional and personal service to the global community.
   Park University provides access to a quality higher education experience that prepares a diverse community of learners to think critically, communicate effectively, demonstrate a global perspective and engage in lifelong learning and service to others.