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Park University is founded on the motto of "Fides et Labor" or Faith and Work. Our motto is as real to us today as it was to our first student learners in 1875. As a Park Pirate, you enter into a tradition founded upon faith in yourself and willingness to labor with integrity and vigor. We welcome you into that tradition and will be with you along your journey. Make everyday a great day to be a Pirate!  

Park University utilizes our CREW platform to provide an online space for each club or organization. For these spaces, you can click-in, explore, and join the organization for updates. Our club and organization membership is open to any Park Student, Parkville, Nationwide, or Online! 


Student Organizations at Park University

Park University has a wide selection of clubs and organizations that provide you with opportunities to meet interesting people, get involved in things you are passionate about, make important contacts in your field of study, and extend your learning beyond the classroom. 

 Student Organization Resources

Please contact with any questions you might have about the process or how we might help you get connected at Park. Go Pirates! 

* Looking for information on the Student Organization Canvas to Crew Migration? Checkout our release here: Crew Statement 


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