Welcome to the Office of Professional Education and Workforce Development at Park University

The Office of Professional Education and Workforce Development

From the outside, it looks easy but without our professors and faculty, the PEWD department wouldn't exist. This page is set up exclusively to help our faculty and staff with creating courses that share your expertise with the world. 

It’s all about progression
Our Office promotes the development of people and organizations by providing learning opportunities for professional growth and career advancement and seeks to enrich the lives of community members. We believe that where growth ends, decline begins—so we offer programs and services with the continued progression of our clients top-of-mind. Whether its professional education credits, workforce development training, or supplemental education to keep professional degrees current, Park’s Professional Education and Workforce Development Office aims to cover it all. With the help of our departments, we hope to alleviate some of the obstacles businesses face and help them to make a strategic investment in their biggest asset – their people.

The Process 

In the sided margins you will find resources to help understand the processes. From submitting paperwork for programs to review timelines we hope a transparent overview encourages you to engage with us. We are here to be the administrative side of your creative genius. Currently, the department is still a work in progress. Things may change from time to time and new additions will likely be made - we would love to hear your feedback on what makes the process easier and what roadblocks we may not see from our viewpoint. Know that more than anything we want this department to thrive for all parties involved - we want to work with you. 

Should you have any questions please reach out to Jenna at Jenna.Scott@Park.edu.

We look forward to working with you soon,

Jenna Scott - Director of Professional Education and Workforce Development 

PEWD Sequence Map

Below is a map outlining the steps faculty and staff need to complete for programming within the Professional Education and Workforce Development department.  

Professional Education Proposal Sequence
Professional Education Proposal Sequence

Above is a general overview of the process to run a course with the PEWD Department 

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Professional Education Proposal Sequence
Professional Education Proposal Sequence

A detailed view of the steps for creating a program with the PEWD Department and an explanation of each step 

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Professional Education Proposal Forms

Faculty looking to create a Professional Education or Workforce Development program should fill in the Program Proposal Form to begin the process. After submission and an initial meeting faculty will fill in the Course Proposal Form for all courses in the Program. Please take a look at the Process Map for an overview of all steps related to the PEWD department.